The City of the Gold Coast in Australia is well known for its spectacular beaches and coastal environments. Ocean Connect is a non-profit organisation that celebrates this richness and works towards involving the Gold Coast community in the enjoyment, protection and education of their coast.

Ocean Connect is about learning, understanding and enjoying the marine and coastal areas of the Gold Coast through environmental education, advocacy and networking.

The association was established with the aim to connect existing organisations in the city that work towards protecting the marine and coastal environment, provide educational tools to the wider community, schools and local businesses to enhance their awareness on a range of current marine and coastal issues, biodiversity and coastal recreation and provide a platform for local artists that produce art with an environmental flavour!


IMG_0040Marine environmental education programs which focus on the Gold Coast coastal areas, for schools and community members are limited. Several for-profit companies provide  services to educational institutions for their environmental educational programs at considerable cost, however Ocean Connect aims to provide subsidized marine educational programs and lesson packs. Contact us to see how you can take advantage of these!

Community programs include interpretive family coastal walks (especially geared towards children from 4-9), kids on coast with cameras, sand creature building with life size animal shapes, crafting sessions and more. Members of Ocean Connect will be informed about all activities organised before non-members are notified, being able to secure that spot for those events before they are fully booked! Members will also attend certain events at lower cost!


Ocean Connect provides a platform for artists such as photographers, painters, sculptures and writers to sell their work through Ocean Connect’s website, therefore having access to a captive audience enthusiastic about local artists and their enviro-art.  A small percentage of the artists’ profit will be fed back into Ocean Connect which helps to directly benefit the Gold Coast marine and coastal environment. Are you a Gold Coast artist? Would you like to join our online art platform? Please contact us!


Ocean Connect networkingBecoming part of the Ocean Connect network is all about connecting the organisations and individuals on the Gold Coast that work towards the protection, conservation and education of the Gold Coast marine environment.

Ocean Connect provides an on-line directory of not-for-profits, businesses and community organisations in the region that are active towards those 3 pillars. Becoming part of our network means your organisation or company will be invited to Ocean Connect’s Networking events, fundraising events (aimed at raising funds for your cause) and profiled in our regular newsletters.

If you are an individual who would like to promote their expertise through our website to maybe land that dream job in marine conservation, you can join our marine talents directory. Ocean Connect aims to get your name out there and make it easy for marine organisations/companies to find you.

Would you like to be part of our network? Please contact us!


Ocean Connects’ special maps provide a selection of visual maps of the Gold Coast’s coastal and marine environments. All maps are currently under construction but will be published in 2014.


Would you like to become a member? Would you like to volunteer teaching marine education or collecting data on Gold Coast’s marine issues? Would you like to be involved with Ocean Connect as part of your placement or internship? Please get in touch!

Memberships are available for everyone. Even if you live overseas and you still want to be connected to the Gold Coast’s ocean.