There is more than one way to connect to the ocean

Why Connect

The ocean sustains us. Every single one of us.
But the ocean is in trouble. And it needs your help.

Find your way to connect

As a student, there are many different ocean-related academic and career paths you can follow. And whether your particular path is through science, art, commerce, or advocacy, Ocean Connect provides you with the insight, knowledge, and opportunities you need to create your own ocean connection and to do so in a responsible and ocean-friendly manner.

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Discover how ocean science is as varied as ocean life itself.

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Express your creativity above, below and beyond the waves.

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Tap into a rapidly growing multitrillion-dollar ocean economy.

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Be an advocate for the future of the ocean and the planet.

Leveling the Playing Field

We recognize that there is a disparity in the availability of opportunities between students from underrepresented communities and those from communities that have access to greater resources. At Ocean Connect, we believe that everyone should have the same opportunity to connect with the ocean.  Please read our Statement on Leveling the Playing Field to find out what steps Ocean Connect is taking to ensure that all students can make the connections they want.

Helping you connect

Ocean Connect has compiled an extensive array of resources that are designed to help you make your own ocean connection.


Most of us do not yet know what path in life we want to follow. To give you a better idea of what is out there, we created snapshots of hundreds of ocean-related pursuits that span the fields of science, art, commerce and advocacy.


Experience not only looks good on your college application, it also gives you a huge jump on starting your career. Our database of ocean-related internships and research programs can help you find that experience


Whether it is for an internship, college or your first job, there are certain documents that are common to the application process. Our library of model documents is designed to make that process less intimidating.


While there are plenty of ocean-related opportunities out there, the process for obtaining one is not always easy. Our tutorials can help you find the right opportunity and navigate the application process from start to finish.


Our student community page – oceanXchange – gives you the chance to ask questions (and have them answered), make suggestions, post information, and offer commentary on all things ocean-related.