A Professor at The University of the West Indies who is aware of my interests in environmental justice, climate change, and the Caribbean recommended this video to me, and I wanted to recommend it to all of this blog’s readers. It is a recording of a presentation entitled “Climate Justice and the Caribbean” given by Dr. April Baptiste who is a Professor of Environmental Studies and Africana and Latin American Studies at Colgate University. Professor Baptiste does an excellent job explaining environmental justice and climate justice.

Professor Baptiste makes the following points:

1. The Caribbean region, with the exception of Trinidad and Tobago, contributes negligibly to the overall GHG emissions that contribute to overall global warming.

2. The region is a hotbed for climate change impacts.

3. The region has limited capacity for adaptation to climate change impacts.

She then goes on to discuss what is needed to move towards climate justice in the Caribbean.

It is not often that you get such a clear explanation of these concepts so I wanted to share it. There are other videos that I have yet to check out, but obviously they are there for you to see.

Here is a link to the video.