The Ocean Connect website contains two great databases – the Opportunities Database and the Current Research Database ( The Opportunities Database contains information on a wide range of ocean-related programs available to high school, college, and graduate students. The Current Research Database contains information on thousands of current research projects taking place around the world.  We scoured the websites of universities, research institutions, non-governmental organizations, private companies, and government agencies to find research projects that have some connection to the ocean. 

While the Opportunities Database has a lot of great internships and research programs, the reality is that not everyone who applies will get a spot in one of these programs. We believe, however, that getting shut out of one of the programs in the Opportunities Database does not mean you should not and cannot have a similar and equally rewarding experience. Being involved in research will not only give you the chance to learn about a particular subject in depth but also help you develop skills that can only come from working alongside experienced researchers.  And for anyone thinking about going to college, being able to list your participation in a research project on your college application is a big plus. Therefore, we created the Current Research Database so students could try and create their own internships by contacting researchers directly.  This is by no means a guaranteed result, but if you show your enthusiasm for a certain research subject and have some background in that subject matter, you just might be able to find yourself joining a team of professional researchers.