Last year, regional collaboration emerged as a driver of global climate progress. The Glasgow Climate Pact agreed at COP26 recognizes Regional Climate Weeks as a platform for governments and stakeholders to foster a credible and durable response to climate change.

These Regional Climate Weeks focused on three themes:

  • National actions and economy-wide approaches – Discussion on ambitious action in key sectors and how these actions can integrate in national planning and economic packages to enable COVID-19 recovery and support the Paris Agreement. 
  • Integrated approaches for climate-resilient development – Collaboration to discuss the climate risks facing Latin America and the Caribbean, develop low-carbon solutions and seek partnerships for risk-based approaches to adaptation and resilience building.
  • Seizing transformation opportunities – A platform to explore breakthrough solutions to deliver climate action at a scale that puts the world on a low-emission and highly resilient development pathway, with focus on sectors of the economy that need fast transition and deep transformation.

Latin America and Caribbean Climate Week 2022 (LACCW 2022) is being held this week in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. LACCW 2022 will engage and empower stakeholders to drive climate action across countries, communities and economies. Working together opens opportunity to advance climate action, address social inequalities and invest in development that is good for humanity and nature. LACCW 2022 is a collaboration platform to explore:

  • Resilience against climate risks
  • The transition to a low-emission economy
  • Partnerships to solve pressing challenges

The next climate week is in Africa and will be held from 29 August to 1 September in Gabon.