As all aspiring marine scientists know, participating in internships, research projects, and similar opportunities is a prerequisite for success in the field. The hands-on experience, working with experienced marine scientists, and the resulting networking opportunities make this one of the best ways to spend some or all of your summer break. But now is the time to start looking.

The Ocean Connect Opportunities database currently lists the following ocean science-related internships, research opportunities, and fellowships:

Atmospheric Science – 25

Biological Oceanography – 2

Chemical Oceanography – 67

Climate Science – 7

Coastal Science – 6

Fisheries Science – 4

Geological Oceanography – 34

Marine Biology – 74

Marine Mammal Science – 89

Marine Microbiology – 2

Marine Science – 8

Oceanography – 163

Physical Oceanography – 64

Of course, there is some overlap as many of these programs have more than one area of study or purpose. And, as we have pointed out elsewhere, some of these may no longer be in existence. But if you watch our tutorial on using the Opportunities Database, even terminated programs can lead you to a great opportunity – you just need to know where and how to look!