A (non-comprehensive) list of interesting and relevant climate change, climate policy, and environmental justice stories.

EPA hosts “Road Show” in Commerce City to help communities access historic Investing in America funding. EPA’s Community, Equity and Resiliency initiative is supporting environmental justice communities to benefit from unprecedented Inflation Reduction Act funding. (read the full story here)

Maryland environmental justice bill excludes key concerns, advocates say. State lawmakers will weigh a bill Tuesday that aims to take a step closer to fighting environmental injustice. However, some South Baltimore community members say the bill is not doing enough. (read the full story here)

How five crucial elections in 2024 could shape climate action for decades. Some of the world’s biggest carbon emitters are going to the polls this year — the results could determine whether humanity can correct its trajectory of dangerous global warming. (read the full story here)

Biden Vows to ‘Save the Planet From the Climate Crisis’. In his speech to Congress, the president spoke in sweeping terms about global warming and contrasted his record with that of Donald Trump. (read the full story here)

The SEC Finally Adopts Climate Change Disclosure Rules: Making Sense of 800+ Pages. After almost two years following its proposed rules, on March 6, 2024, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) adopted final rules to require public companies to disclose certain climate-related information in registration statements and annual reports. (read the full story here)

Wyoming Considers Relaxing Its Carbon Capture Standards for Electric Utilities, Scrambling Political Alliances on Climate Change and Energy. A bill lowering the amount of CO2 a utility must capture at its power plants has drawn opposition from two groups usually diametrically opposed to each other’s priorities—environmentalists and climate change skeptics. (read the full story here)

Biden ‘direct pay’ rules may change the future of renewable. Changes in the tax code finalized Tuesday are among the most significant provisions for clean energy in the Inflation Reduction Act. (read the full story here)

Livestock industry co-opts academics to downplay its climate impact, study says. Academic centers at UC Davis and Colorado State University have accepted big donations from the livestock industry, according to a new study of the industry’s influence on climate research and policy. (read the full story here)

US regulators approve significantly scaled back climate disclosure rule. SEC rule will require large businesses to report gas emissions, but some experts say weakened version ‘paves way for greenwashing’. (read the full story here)