A (non-comprehensive) list of interesting and relevant climate change, climate policy, and environmental justice stories.

World’s first-ever global emissions tax takes a step closer to reality. “The UN is on the edge of adopting the world’s first-ever global emissions price, but the policy will only be as successful as countries make it to be,” said Sandra Chiri, shipping emissions international outreach manager at the Ocean Conservancy. (read the full story here)

UNFCCC and IEA launch new phase of cooperation on tackling climate change. Organizations join forces to track COP28 energy outcomes, build consensus on transitions aligned with 1.5 °C, and support the next round of Nationally Determined Contributions (read the full story here)

Phasing out fossil fuels a ‘fantasy,’ oil executives say amid giant profits. Despite a historic global climate deal, demand for oil is booming, executives emphasized at an energy conference in Houston. (read the full story here)

The Politics Behind the SEC’s New Climate Disclosure Rule—and What It Means for Investors. “If companies don’t seriously start moving away from fossil fuels, a lot of the assets on their books are going to be stranded assets, and investors will be left holding the bag.” (read the full story here)

California’s Climate Leaders Vow to Hold Fossil Fuel Companies to Account. “For way too long, frontline communities have been paying for our climate crisis,” Assemblymember Isaac Bryan said. “We’ve got to change that.” (read the full story here)

New York State Legislature Votes to Ban CO2 Fracking, Closing a Decade-Old Loophole in State Law. The vote is a new win for the state’s anti-fracking movement, which sees the novel process as a way to skirt a ban it pushed through ten years ago, and heads off a Texas-based company that says it would produce net-zero natural gas and sequester carbon dioxide. (read the full story here)

Microsoft Signs 15-Year “Environmental Justice PPA” from New US Solar Farm with EDP, Volt Energy. EDP Renewables North America (EDPR NA) and minority-owned renewable energy developer Volt Energy Utility announced a new partnership today to launch the development of Hickory Solar Park, a new solar project based near Jerseyville, Illinois. (read the full story here)

An American Who Managed a Shrimp Processing Plant in India Files a Whistleblower Complaint With U.S. Authorities. (read the full story here)