A (non-comprehensive) list of interesting and relevant climate change, climate policy, and environmental justice stories.

We might be closer to changing course on climate change than we realize. Greenhouse gas emissions might have already peaked. Now they need to fall — fast. (read the full story here)

Five Major Climate Policies Trump Would Probably Reverse if Elected. He has called for increased oil production and said that electric vehicles will result in an ‘assassination’ of jobs. (read the full story here)

New EPA Rule Could Accelerate Cleanup of Coal Ash Dumps. For nearly a decade, a gap in federal regulation has allowed old coal ash dumps to avoid regulation. A new rule aims to close that loophole. (read the full story here)

A New Federal Tool Could Help Cities Prepare for Scorching Summer Heat. NOAA and the CDC teamed up to create “HeatRisk,” a tool that can forecast potentially threatening heat up to a week in advance. (read the full story here)

Will There Be Less Wind to Fuel Wind Energy? Illinois policy says wind and solar are supposed to replace coal plants that are closing, but that didn’t happen in 2023. Another fossil fuel, natural gas, filled the void instead. (read the full story here)

Indigenous lands feel cruel bite of green energy transition. Mining companies have been offered a path to sustainability but few are taking it – Indigenous people need to be at the table demanding change (read the full story here)

Tensions rise over who will contribute to new climate finance goal. Germany wants all high-emitters, especially among G20 countries, to pitch in. But China and Saudi Arabia say the responsibility lies with developed nations (read the full story here)

Canadian minister vows to fight attempts to weaken plastic pollution treaty. Environment minister Steven Guilbeault accuses “some countries” of slow-walking negotiations, ahead of talks in Ottawa (read the full story here)