A (non-comprehensive) list of interesting and relevant climate change, climate policy, and environmental justice stories.

World’s first-ever global emissions tax takes a step closer to reality. Two weeks of talks at the United Nations shipping agency concluded in London on Friday, with a clear majority of countries emerging in favor of introducing the world’s first-ever global emissions levy. (read the full story here)

Global study of coastal seas as carbon dioxide reservoirs. Coastal seas form a complex transition zone between the two largest CO2 sinks in the global carbon cycle: land and ocean. Ocean researchers have now succeeded for the first time in investigating the role of the coastal ocean in a seamless model representation. (read the full story here)

New Pollution Rules Aim to Lift Sales of Electric Trucks. The latest in a string of ambitious climate regulations aims to clean up the heaviest polluters on the road. But truckers are worried. (read the full story here)

Biden Administration Restores Wildlife Protections Weakened Under Trump. The rules give federal officials more leeway to protect species in a changing climate. Industry groups are expected to sue. (read the full story here)

Berkeley Will Repeal Its Landmark Ban on Natural Gas in New Homes. The decision, which came after a legal challenge, throws into question the fate of dozens of similar measures across the United States. (read the full story here)

Federal EV charging stations are key to Biden’s climate agenda, yet only 4 states have them. Biden, a Democrat, has set a goal of creating a national network of 500,000 publicly available chargers by 2030. Easily accessible charging ports are a key part of his effort to encourage drivers to move away from gasoline-powered cars and trucks that contribute to global warming. (read the full story here)

Cancellation of UN climate weeks removes platform for worst-hit communities. The UNFCCC has said it will not hold regional climate weeks in 2024 due to a funding shortfall – which means less inclusion for developing-country voices (read the full story here)