A (non-comprehensive) list of interesting and relevant climate change, climate policy, and environmental justice stories.

At COP28, the Role of Food Systems in the Climate Crisis Will Get More Attention Than Ever. As food and agriculture take center stage, industry groups plan a full-on campaign to downplay the carbon impacts of meat and dairy. (read the full story here)

Battery Prices Are Falling Again, and That’s a Good Thing. Cheaper batteries add to the economic case for EVs, even if some U.S. auto dealers are still figuring out how to sell the models. (read the full story here)

Gender equality goals under threat in climate crisis-hit countries, says UN. Climate-related disasters disproportionately affect women and girls as reproductive services crumble and gender-based violence rises. (read the full story here)

Young activists who won Montana climate case want to stop power plant on Yellowstone River. Fresh off a legal victory earlier this year in a landmark climate change case, a group of young environmental activists is trying to persuade the Montana Supreme Court to stop a natural gas power plant that’s being built on the banks of the Yellowstone River. (read the full story here)

5 reasons why COP28, the UN climate talks, are worth your attention. he negotiations, called Conference of Parties, are nearly two weeks long and in their 28th iteration in Dubai. Delegates use wonky terms like “NDCs” “1.5 degrees” and “loss and damage,” not exactly conversation starters at parties. Any final decision is non-binding, meaning countries can agree to something and then not follow through. And when tens of thousands of people travel to the event, a lot of greenhouse gas emissions are produced, which is contrary to the entire point of the conference. (read the full story here)

Two grim reports on global climate efforts highlight increased fossil fuel subsidies, ill health. Humanity’s fight to curb climate change is failing in dozens of ways with people getting sicker and dying as the world warms and the fossil fuels causing it get more subsidies, according to two global reports issued Tuesday. (read the full story here)

As leaders gather at COP28 in Dubai to discuss the climate crisis and negotiate how the world will address it, we consider one of the most important numbers in climate change: 1.5C. (read the full story here)