Since climate policy stories don’t often make the front pages (except for the extreme heat we have all been suffering with this summer), we are highlighting important stories from the past week.

US Republicans oppose climate funding whilst almost 90 million Americans are facing extreme heat alerts this week (click here for the full story)

Government negotiators have approved a deal on the Green Climate Fund strategy after ‘sleepless nights’ and a series of ‘long and at times difficult’ meetings (click here for the full story)

The UK’s Climate Change Committee recommended that the UK should announce its intent to withdraw from the ‘outdated’ Energy Charter Treaty (ECT); along with Japan, the UK is the only major economy not to have committed to withdrawing (click here for the full story)

The EU Parliament has passed the Nature Restoration Law in a knife-edge vote on Wednesday, albeit a weakened version of the law (click here for the full story)

The US refused to pay climate reparations for developing countries hit by climate disasters ‘under any circumstances’ (click here for the full story)

The COP28 president laid out the long-awaited agenda for the summit later this year which was welcomed but criticized for a muddled message on fossil fuels (click here for the full story) 

Climate Ministers and Envoys from Canada, Germany, Kenya, Malawi, Vanuatu, Belgium and Austria have jointly called for a phaseout of unabated fossil fuels and the tripling of renewable energy capacity in a letter to the Financial Times ‘placing further pressure on the COP28 summit host’ (click here for the full story)