Green Colonialism, also known as Eco-colonialism, Environmental Colonialism or Climate Colonialism refers to the Global North living at the ecological expense of the Global South for their green agendas. The actions of the already-developed and industrialised nations result in indigenous land takeovers, resource extraction and labour exploitation across the world. The Global North is the main driver of climate change and environmental degradation. Ninety-two (92%) percent of the world’s cumulative carbon emissions come from the Global North while the Global South is found to suffer the most from extreme weather events. (Climate Colonialism, Flux Trend)

Politically and economically, it is very important to understand what is meant by green colonialism as this is a new form of colonialism that may take prevalence in the years to come as we are currently being most effected by climate change. This has the potential to further destabilize weak nations due to exploitation and weaken their economy.