We certainly devote a lot of space on this website to explaining how to connect to the ocean, but not so much as to why you should connect. And that’s because we all have our own, often unique, reasons for connecting. For some, it is an environmental imperative. For others, it is a matter of economics. And for others still, it’s simply the feeling they get from being connected to a body of water that is at once enticing and foreboding.  

To give you the inspiration to find your own way to connect, listed below are the websites of some absolutely incredible underwater photographers. Many of these individuals started out as marine scientists and have now embarked upon a new career path that combines their love of photography with an obvious passion for the ocean.

Thomas P. Peschak

Brian Skerry

Juan Oliphant

David Doubliet & Jennifer Hayes 

Elena Kalis

Shawn Heinrichs

Andrey Savin

Jorge Cervera Hauser

Scott Wilson

Greg Lecoeur