Shipwrecks, Underwater Cities and Adventure!

Marine archaeology just sounds exciting.

Spending your life sailing the high seas in search of legendary shipwrecks. Diving among treasure-laden ships in search of sunken riches. If only it were true! Marine archaeologists actually spend far more time on land than they do out at sea. There is also a tremendous difference between treasure hunting (think exploitation and profit) and marine archaeology (think preservation and education).

However, there is no denying that even without the allure of deep-sea treasure, marine archaeology is an exotic profession and a great career choice for someone who loves spending time in and on the water. It is particularly suited for individuals who are not afraid of a challenging work environment as marine archeologists must often carry out their investigations in very complex, unpredictable, and often dangerous situations. Marine archaeology also requires you to master a unique skill set (diving, navigation) and the use of highly specialized tools and equipment (magnetic and acoustic remote sensing equipment to locate sites; infrared and optical equipment to record and study them).

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